Paris Fashion Week 2022

Inspired by the way our brain processes emotions

Look 1 : Vex

An aggressive silhouette, adorned with textile-manipulated & swarovski crystals spikes at the collar, this handmade piece is inspired by the agitated emotion.

Look 2 : Serotonin

Inspired by the chemical in our brain that can determine our melancholy emotion, this look features vinyl straps that wrap around the body, imitating a teardrop shape.

Look 3 : Dopamine

This look is based off the chemical that contributes to how we feel pleasure. The iridescent colors in the vinyl represent the colors that are emitted when scanning for neurotransmitters in an MRI.

Look 4 : Oxytocin

Inspired by the chemical all humans crave to feel, this look features an emphasized sweetheart neckline and an exaggerated skirt, thus creating a heart-like silhouette throughout the piece.

Look 5 : Melatonin

Inspired by one of the only chemicals that gets released when our body detects total darkness, this look features fiber optic technology that glow when placed in a dark environment. Don't believe me? Scroll down to witness.

Look 6 : Endorphin

This look is inspired by the chemical that makes us feel like we're on cloud 9. The silhouette of this look is uplifted - featuring exaggerated puff sleeves and a bouncy hem, finished off with a crystal waistline.

Look 7 : Fervor

Fervor is inspired by the passionate emotions each and every one us experience and feel. Made with strips of vinyl, the fabric itself represents the colors that are emitted in an MRI scan when detecting neurotransmitters.

Look 8 : Adrenaline

Inspired by the chemical that gets our heart pumping, this look features the iconic MEZ logo, laser cut out from acrylic and pieced together to create the most unique adornment to the open back garment.

Watch the show Below!